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Use the MASSIVE power and GLOBAL reach of the Internet, combined with STRATEGICALLY designed AUTOMATED sales and recruiting systems to create the LIFESTYLE of your dreams!

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Scott-Ross"I have never been to such a comprehensive, intense and fun training in my life. Brett Rademacher, you are the most entertaining, prolific and honest person I have ever met in any industry, not only network marketing." - Scott Ross

“Are you an experienced network marketer wondering how to take your MLM business to the NEXT level?”

As a proven 7-figure income earner in the direct sales (network marketing/mlm) industry, and someone who is considered by many to be one of the top Internet based network marketers in the world, I know what it takes to build a network marketing sales organization BIG and FAST – and on a global scale.

I am a pioneer in internet based network marketing, and one of the first network marketers in the world to successfully use the internet to build a massive network marketing business. Back in the late 90s, when most mlm leaders and corporate executives said it could never be done – I believed differently.

As a result, I was featured in Zig Ziglar’s book “Network Marketing for Dummies”.

I have the first hand knowledge and extensive experience of developing cutting edge sales and recruiting processes, software systems, money producing ideas and business growing tools that will massively grow a network marketing sales organization. I have made the mistakes AND I have had the successes.

To be a smart network marketing leader, you MUST have the “know-how” to strategically apply advanced network marketing business building concepts and cutting edge sales and recruiting systems to your direct sales business, if you want your business to survive and more importantly thrive in this extremely dynamic and highly competitive industry.

There are 5 ways I can help you:

  1. You can sign up for my FREE Daily MindShift Motivation Audio. Just add your email address to the popup, that came on when you first entered the site. If you have already closed it, without entering your email address, you can refresh your browser and it will come back up in about 10 seconds. Listen to a sample of my Daily Mindset Motivation: click here

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  5. Sign up for 1 on 1 consulting with me. It starts at $1000 for two 30 minute sessions. See below. You can pick my brain. Ask me anything you want. I will walk you down the path of what it takes to be the leader you want to be in network marketing. This stuff is NOT taught in all the beginner’s MLM courses, books and seminars. Those programs are geared towards new distributors.

    I will help you come up with business building ideas, strategies and implementation action plans specific to your group and opportunity to help you grow your network marketing business BIG and FAST. My sessions are customized and personalized to you.

Most of the high level stuff, top leaders keep to themselves and NEVER share with their downline, because it is this information that gives them a competitive advantage. You only learn it by getting there or from hanging out and working with MLM millionaires, or spending literally decades climbing up the MLM ladder through trial and error.

My consulting is designed to help you fast track that learning curve and leap frog over the normal business building hurdles, all up and coming network marketing leaders must over come.

My 1 on 1 consulting is primarily designed for experienced, or up and coming network marketing leaders, who have an existing sales team, and are involved with a reputable network marketing company. I recommend that you should be making at least $5,000 a month with your opportunity. Or have previously done so. This is to ensure you have the proper foundation to apply what I will teach you. I will make exceptions in certain cases based on current skills, experience, goals, etc.


My 1 on 1 and team consulting calls are not a cookie cutter program, sales pitch or mass-marketed pre-recorded webinar made to look live. This is just me and you - one on one; OR me and you AND your team going over what you need for your specific opportunity. Each session is recorded so you can review it, on an ongoing basis.

The highly coveted and extremely valuable insider information I share with you, can literally be the catalyst for catapulting you into MLM Superstar status and help you achieve stellar financial success in the network marketing industry as well.

I have a VERY limited amount of time to do this, but I really enjoy helping up and coming leaders in network marketing, take their business to the next level.

So if this is something that interests you - read over my bio, so you learn a little bit more about me, and then let’s touch base by phone so I can learn a little bit about you.

Below are my consulting rates. I have additional rates for long term projects as well. Click here to send me a message, so we can get you started on the fast track to massive success.

Consulting Services

Intro Consulting
$1000 (single payment)
Two 30-mintue sessions
OR one 1-hour session

Basic Consulting
$3000 (single payment)
Six 30-minute sessions
OR three 1-hour sessions

Advanced Consulting
$5,000 (single payment)
Ten 30-minute sessions
OR five 1-hour sessions

cliff-walkerGrow your Network Marketing business BIG & FAST...

“The Global Home Business (GHB) System that Brett Rademacher, has architected for my international sales team has been instrumental in helping me achieve a hugely significant leadership rank within my network marketing opportunity.

And because it's both cutting-edge and easy-to-use, I believe the GHB system will help many more distributors on our team achieve this status as well. In fact, this business building system that Brett has designed will help us all grow our businesses BIG and FAST from almost anywhere in the world. All we need is a phone, computer and an Internet connection.

This is a VERY easy system to use that allows us to create an unlimited residual income and lifestyle freedom building a global business from the comfort of our homes! It's important to remember - in Network Marketing - systems and processes can be duplicated - people and personalities can't!"

Cliff Walker
Global Home Business Pro
Co-Founder – Global Home Business System

john-hayes-g"When I interviewed Brett Rademacher for Network Marketing For Dummies, I knew immediately that I had found a terrific resource: someone who not only understands how network marketing works, but also understands the even more critically important component of the Internet.

The Internet will shape and change the future of network marketing, and in my opinion Brett Rademacher is one of the few who will lead the way. He understands how to use the Internet to build a network marketing business. Listen to him. I know I do!"

John P. Hayes, Ph.D.
Co-author with Zig Ziglar
Network Marketing For Dummies
Doug-Firebaugh-g"Brett is simply the best of the best in this industry, no one has a handle on the Internet and network marketing like this dude and he has something 99% wish they had; the Passion to make it happen and the Leadership to move any project forward to Massive Success."

Doug Firebaugh
Top Network Marketing Trainer

Chad-Rissanen-g"When I was starting my first direct sales company I reached out to Brett...he didn't know me at all. I was in my early twenties and full of fire.

Brett agreed to a 30-minute phone call, that call turned into a 90-minute call and I had a small book full of notes.

The big nugget that came out of that call was Brett driving home to me the importance of my" million dollar sales message" for my lead product. At this point I didn't have one.

After this call I crafted that message and that advice helped me take sales for that product from only a few thousand dollars a month to over $100,000 a month. Brett you know I'm still thankful for that buddy!"

Chad Rissanen
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