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“How would you like to be mentored by a 7-figure income earner in the network marketing industry for one FULL year for only $2497?”

My mentoring program will cover ALL the skills needed to be successful in network marketing!

Here is an example of a recent training  I did entitled, “The Power of a Made-Up Mind”

brett-rademacherMy 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is a weekly generic mentoring session I record and send out to all the participants. This way you can listen to it when it is convenient for you. You will get a copy of each week’s mentoring session emailed to you, and access to previous sessions as well.

Due to the nature of this mentoring program, this is a GENERIC mentoring program, so I will NOT be covering any network marketing company specifically. You will be able to submit questions ahead of time as well, so the my mentoring sessions can address general issues you may be dealing with as well.

My typical single hour consulting rate is $1000 per hour, so to get 52 weeks of mentoring for $2497 is a pretty darn good deal. In fact, that is less than $50 a training. About the cost of a eating a nice dinner out! LOL.

In addition, I pay a 25% referral fee when anyone in my mentoring program refers another participant!

Link for making payment is below. I look forward to having you part of my mentoring program.

Best Regards,
Brett Rademacher

7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program Testimonies…

test_0025_Wayne Furbert"As a Certified Public Accountant and a Member of Parliament, I have done many training courses. I will have to say that Brett’s 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program would have to be one of those on top of the list that I enjoy and have learned so much from. You may ask why?

Brett has a passion for his students and his mentorship goes beyond $ and cents but he speaks from his heart. The weekly calls and postings by him demonstrates his knowledge and depth of the subject matter. I look forward to learning more from this program as it enriches my mind and knowledge of business and Network Marketing."

Wayne Furbert

test_0019_Noelene Jones"The 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is Fantastic. If you want to grow your business don't miss out on this training program with Brett. The tools and info he gives during the training is invaluable.

Whether you are just starting or you have been at it for a while, this training will give you what you need to move to the next level. Don't delay, start today."

Noelene Jones

test_0018_Matt Roper"As a new starter in Network Marketing over in the UK, Brett's 7 Figure Prom MLM Mentor Program has been an incredible help to cover all the areas required to get things moving.

His advice is spot on and has been a great boost when required. I look forward to logging on each week and continuing the journey to success."

Matt Roper
United Kingdom

test_0017_Lucy Lush"Brett Rademacher’s 7-Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is a great training program. Brett is giving us high level training you probably won’t find else where and even if you did you will be looking at paying a significant amount.

It is not worth procrastinating if you want to seriously grow your business and achieve a six figure income. So why not jump on in and see for yourself. I know you will not regret."

Lucy Lush

test_0016_Lynn Flaherty"Whenever we find something that's REALLY good, we want everyone we care about, to be a part of it, too! That's exactly how I feel about Brett's 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program!

Over the past 30 years of being in sales, I've experienced a number of excellent trainings and workshops, but nothing compares to what we are receiving through Brett!

The knowledge, inspiration and experience he shares is "over-the-top" THE BEST EVER! His insight and wisdom is priceless. If you're willing to expand your comfort zone to fulfill your destiny, not only in business, but in all areas of your life, to push through to your own personal victory, embrace this opportunity now.

You'll be so grateful you took the "next right step"...Come join us!"

Lynn Flaherty

test_0013_Kay Wright"Brett has developed the steps in bite size sections that we can absorb each week. The accolades for his 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program, come through in his down to earth, honest statements that give us the steps to take our businesses to the next level."

Kay Wright

test_0012_Leanne Smith"If you are wanting to take your business and personal growth to a new level this year, then the 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor program is a journey you certainly want to be part of. It is enjoyable, encouraging and will stretch you to reach your potential."

Leanne Smith
United Kingdom

test_0009_Sharon Esteen Refuge"Brett Rademacher’s 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is AMAZING! If you apply what he is sharing on a weekly basis you can't help but win in the Network Marketing business.

I feel blessed to have the opportunity to be mentored by Brett. He shares and pours his heart out into every session. He is very encouraging and a joy to listen to. The price I paid for his guidance is a steal!

I have purchased many programs but none have come close to the value I have received in the few short weeks of the program. I have gained more knowledge about this industry than I have ever known. I look forward to the calls and even notice that I am stepping out on faith more than ever! Thanks Brett Rademacher for such an awesome program!"

Sharon Esteen Refuge

test_0008_Kathy Weathersbee"Brett Rademacher is a phenomenal leader! In network marketing he is a person that is living and giving like we all aspire to do. I have learned so much about network marketing and systems that work from Brett and his 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program.

He gives encouragement and wisdom that really helps us to move forward. I appreciate the information and it has changed my business for good."

Kathy Weathersbee

test_0007_Birgit Spies"I am so grateful to have taken this amazing opportunity to be part of the 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program. The insights, the great knowledge and the experience which Brett Rademacher so kindly shares with us are outstanding.

It has been a true eye-opener already for me and if I apply what he teaches I know I will be successful. Always looking forward to the next call and motivating posts!!! Thank you again Brett"

Birgit Spies

test_0002_Emma Dyson"There is so much information out there, so many so called mentors and gurus, so many strategies and processes, that the world of network marketing can be confusing and overwhelming.

With the 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program you will be guided step by step, in bites size pieces, week to week, by a proven multiple 7 figure coach who will not only share every week how to reach more prospects and make more sales but will also give invaluable coaching on personal growth and development.

After implementing Brett’s simple strategies I'm reaching out to more people than ever and the whole process is so natural and easy.

The amount of value I'm receiving is priceless and even with another zero added to the end of the cost it would be a give away deal. If you're serious about changing your life, then sign up today. Can't wait for the next call Brett Thank you."

Emma Dyson
United Kingdom

test_0001_Gavin Jones"Brett's enthusiasm and willingness to share his passion for network marketing is evident throughout his 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program. His 'out of the box' thinking has helped him reach levels of success many only dream of.

Do what Brett says to do, even if it stretches you because you are learning about this from someone who has been there and done that!!"

Gavin Jones
USA via South Africa

test_0023_Jo-Anne Grist"Whether you are a newbie to network marketing or a veteran in the industry, Brett's 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is pitched at all levels sharing practical skills and advice.

Weekly coaching sessions develop a mindset to be our authentic self and encouragement to upgrade our skills and knowledge in becoming a successful MLM Pro."

Jo-Anne Grist

test_0022_Michelle Dawson"There's nothing like learning from someone who's been there before. Brett is funny, direct and incredibly generous with sharing his experience and insights.

The first hand knowledge and skills that we are gaining through the weekly 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is absolute gold for fast tracking ourselves to a 7 figure income."

Michelle Dawson

test_0021_Caroline Butterfield – Pitt"I am finding out how important Brett's 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is something that I needed to join to help push me in the direction that I need at this point in my Network Marketing Career.

His guidance is direct and at the same time very encouraging. His expertise is very obvious and I know that this is what will help me to get to my next level. I also know before I am done with this coaching period, I will be a 6 figure earner. I look forward to my weekly mentoring sessions and I do plan to STAY FOCUSED."

Caroline Butterfield – Pitt

test_0020_Randy Bacon"Brett's 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program covers in-depth, every aspect of network marketing. From mindset, systems, and implementation.

For those serious about earning a 6 figure income in network marketing, this training is invaluable. One session is worth the fee Brett is charging for the whole year."

Randy Bacon

test_0015_Ricky Smith"Brett's 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is now a solid fixture in my diary.

The information Brett shares and the energy he shares it with is priceless.

I would encourage everyone who is serious about earning a 6 or 7 figure income to join today."

Ricky Smith

test_0014_Bryan Baird"I am extremely fortunate to be learning from Brett Rademacher and his 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program. As someone who aspires to achieve a 6 to 7 figure income it is important to follow the lead of those who have actually done it before.

Brett is a winner and achieved a level of MLM success everyone aspires for. Brett has been a proven leader throughout his career and his achievements push me to raise my personal expectations.

To be the best you must learn from the best! Brett gladly shares the secrets that allowed him to create a 7 figure income in isolated Alaska and pushes us to expand our belief in what is possible. Thank you Brett!"

Bryan Baird

"I am so delighted to be on the 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program, and I find that Brett’s explanation on some of the simple, but important things to do in building a network marketing business is so valuable.. ie.. the focus on connecting with lots of potential prospects by creating a habit and balancing life.

Doing what is needed at that higher level to achieve the higher income. Such a honor to be part of this program with a man with such experience and focus in helping others. Love and Respect."

Gaz Jabeen
United Kingdom

test_0010_Siti Rohaina"I was looking for a business that will create value for my family. Something I could do from home when I retire from my “trading for money” job. I am new to this industry and The 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program is perfect for me.

This program has been an incredible help. If you want to grow your business, this is the place to be. Thanks to Brett Rademacher for this mentoring program."

Siti Rohaina

test_0006_Moni Arora"Brett's 7 Figure Pro Mentor Program is simply the best program from someone who has walked the path to success and now genuinely wants to help others achieve success.

This high level training program will nurture the leader in you. Thank you Brett, you truly are a mentor with a servant's heart!"

Moni Arora
United Kingdom

test_0005_Janet McMurray"Brett takes the time to show everyone how to become successful in this industry. He teaches us how to deal with family and friends - without losing them.

And that with consistent gradual improvement it will bring confidence and success. I encourage anyone who is serious about becoming a successful network marketing professional to join us in learning from a true professional."

Janet McMurray

test_0004_Mark Hamrick"The Direct-Sales industry can be the absolute most rewarding business to be a participant in, however, many people who join a MLM program can have great excitement at first only to be deflated months later and little success achieved.

This is mainly due to the fact that such a person started in the business incorrectly and is not trained properly. Brett's MLM Mentor program is definitely something which puts you on the right path towards great success in the industry."

Mark Hamrick

test_0003_Stephen Marshall"Brett's experience and leadership are exemplary. He has developed a mentoring style which helps inform, uplift and motivate, while he shares with you the very best tools to help in an MLM business, and also, I have found they can equally apply in my personal life.

The skills Brett teaches are focused on helping people achieve their goals. He is all about giving, of both his time and effort, backed up by the learnings he has experienced in his own success stories.

His 7 Figure Prom MLM Mentor Program is effective, enjoyable, incredibly valuable, and I recommend him and his courses to anyone looking to make serious steps towards developing their own skills, achieving their own goals, and taking their own leadership roles."

Stephen Marshall
United Kingdom

test_0000_Tina Bundgaard"First of all, thanks to Brett Rademacher for sharing his experience and hands-on do's and don’ts of this business. I like his direct and "no bull-shit" kind of inspiration, and explaining the actual simplicity of prospecting.

Many people, including myself, tend to make it too complex, having tons of excuses and explanations why our business is not thriving. When in fact it all comes down to what YOU are doing - being accountable for yourself first and foremost.

What struck me the most in one of the first sessions was the pride issue vs fear of failure. And the need to get over that, and go do your business. Talking to people about the products and the business, and go modelling that to your team.

I am convinced that over the course of Brett's 1-year 7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program, we all will learn the true meaning of the MLM industry and in the end we will just be doing it on demand - taking our business to that level of success where it is a lifestyle rather than a business. Can't wait for the next year to happen. Thanks Brett and see you "on the air."

Tina Bundgaard

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7 Figure Pro MLM Mentor Program (1 year-$2497)

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